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Karen Mitchell, who was a senior manager for Tui, is handed a suspended sentence for the fraud.

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Julian Cole was left brain damaged and paralysed by the incident in Bedford five years ago.

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Father-of-four David Humphries died after he collapsed at a beachside resort in Egypt.

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A drama lecturer and sign language teacher are among 13 gold winners at the annual awards.

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A man is detained by police after the crash in Kirby Drive, Luton.

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The theft of an entire lead roof was described as "one of the worst" by a church architect.

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People living with dementia put on their dancing shoes and boogie to Ol' Blue Eyes.

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Officers found the modified Italian revolver wrapped inside a sock.

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NHS talking therapy service is failing patients in one in seven areas of England, BBC analysis shows.

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Angelina Murphy, whose son has high complex needs, says the centre is the family's "staple".

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Europe and Japan celebrate the successful launch of a quest to visit the closest planet to the Sun.

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Preview followed by live coverage of Saturday's Premier League game between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Watford.

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Community News

Community Clean Up

Posted by Administrator : Thursday 14th March 2013

BRUSHES AND MOPS AT THE READY! Many members of our community make their mark on our local streets by joining various local Stoke Hammond cleaning initiatives throughout the community in a bid to keep our parks, streets, roads and pavements looking clean and look after.


Cost of Living Rising!

Posted by Administrator : Tuesday 12th March 2013

COSTING US OUR LIVELIHOOD? It is estimated that the cost of living looks expected to continue to rise this year with stable incomes versus increasing costs of everyday household items. In recent years the cost of living has been as high as 5 times more than wage rises.

Getting On The Property Market

Posted by Administrator : Sunday 10th March 2013

EASIER SAID THAN DONE! The mortgage and property market looks to be improving slightly through better mortgage deals. However the market still lacks direction and combined with lack of incentives for new buyers and government cuts it looks like it could be a while before it rises.

Avoiding Payday Loans

Posted by Administrator : Tuesday 5th March 2013

AVOIDING THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL. In the beginning everyone thought these payday loan lenders where all doing us a favour and it sounds so simple borrow a little bit of money just before your payday and then pay back on your payday.

The Local Transport Infrastructure

Posted by Administrator : Friday 1st March 2013

HOW DOES OUR LOCAL TRANSPORT COMPARE? For years people in the Stoke Hammond community have made their feelings known when it comes to public transport.

Council Tax Rises As Councils Set To Save Money

Posted by Administrator : Friday 1st March 2013

MORE CUTS..... GREAT!!! Many councils across the UK now have the choice to either increase council tax, raise the funds by cutting back on other factors or even worse they do both.

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